This training process is carried out by expert facilitators, therapists and mentors, with extensive mastery of the Inner Evolution® method.

All of them were disciples of Alberto Varela, who has accompanied them for many years in the creation of a pioneering international organization in the expansion of evolutionary work with Master Plants in the world.

These are experts from different countries (psychologists, teachers in the field of Amazonian resources, doctors, esotericists, experts in systemic therapies, gestalt, family constellations, experts in biodance, among others) who make conscious use of techniques and instruments that have been developed over thousands of years and, integrated into the Inner Evolution® method (created by Alberto Varela), they acquire a power and originality never seen before in the therapeutic and spiritual community.


Alberto Varela died in October 2023, after being diagnosed with a brain tumor in June of that same year. His illness and death was a tribute to how he had lived: unconditionally giving himself over to cooperating with the inevitable. His life and his death have been a testimony of the Surrender process, as he himself defined it: renunciation, surrender and surrender. He lived surrendering to every opportunity that life offered him. He chose not to fight, knowing that conflict and resistance live within every human being and that every possibility of surrender is a gift of life, small deaths of what we are not, to live in the essence of what we are.

Over the years, he was present at many retreats with thousands of people, developing his laboratory of creativity and depth aimed at understanding the human being.

The team of people who have inherited his precious legacy, made the decision to do everything in our power so that this possibility of flourishing can reach all those who feel they want to receive these teachings. We are aware of the tremendous responsibility, the delicacy and the surrender that this requires of us – we receive so much from this exceptional being, that the only possibility now for us is to also give what we receive: love, understanding, confrontation and compassion.

As a summary of his work, Alberto José Varela is the founder of companies and organizations: Inner Mastery ®️, Escuela Consciente®️, Beinclub®️, BeyondInner Global Movement, Espacio Abierto®️ Psicología Transcendente®️. He is also the creator of: Inner Evolution®️, Noterapia®️, Game of Understanding, Transcendent Healing and Comprehensive Intelligence®️ and author of several books (From Prison, from my freedom; Ayahuasca the inner journey; Aphorisms about oneself; The manifesto of Consciousness; Non-Therapy and The Game of Understanding)

I am not a name; I am also not a man, nor a father, businessman, writer, guru or mentor.

Be careful not to get distracted by my characters because I only use them to convey the essentials. By transcending what I say and show, you will encounter the mystery that lives within you. I use language, my self and everything I can, to bring my discoveries to you.

Words by Alverto Varela