Assisted by the conscious use of entheogens

The Inner Evolution Study Center arises after the immense success of the Inner Evolution® method among participants in the Inner Evolution Retreats with Conscious Use of Ayahuasca & other master and power plants and animals.

An innovative training model dedicated to the science of the internal. Our business and human structure has been dedicated since 2014 to training FACILITATORS OF SELF-DISCOVERY PROCESSES SUPPORTED BY THE CONSCIOUS USE OF ENTHEOGENS.

We offer training in accompaniment and facilitation in self-discovery processes through the use of entheogens in a therapeutic and spiritual context that supports individual development.

In this study center, an alchemical training program takes place where each student can become the medicine (the solution, the answer, and the way out of their own problems, questions, and complications) and be a source of inspiration for many others to become the same.


In 2017, Alverto, the founder of the organization and the school, said that he would take this leap, when he shared the phrase with us:

“The Medicine is not the medicine, the medicine is love”

Most trainings up until now, have been focused on “learning to give”: medicines, songs, integration, dynamics, words…

From now on, the focus will be directed towards the FIELD, that is, creating the conditions of the earth so that the seeds are sown and can germinate, grow and flourish. And for this, it is necessary to engage in a great SURRENDER. But we associate surrendering with GIVING, when in reality it is opening ourselves to receive.

The main challenge that is faced by the vast majority of psychologists, therapists, facilitators, shamans, and practically anyone who dedicates themselves to working with others, whether in private practice or in retreats, is that they fail to create a BOND OF LOVE AND TRUST with the other (client, patient, participant, or whatever we call it). But, even if that bond is created, the great obstacle that arises during the process, is that the being performs the transfer, that the other receives acceptance, understanding and love. This difficulty has meant that we always resort to techniques, substances and tools, or anything external to make up for the impact that produces a pure, available and delivered presence.

Therefore, they can only go as far as the technique or tool allows them to go, facing:

The reality of not being able to go beyond what that external instrument allows, which is a more or less superficial part of people.

…This beyond the other is achieved not precisely because something is done, it can only be realized when, in addition to having created that link, there has been an emanation of the pure essence of being.

… This phenomenon occurs when there is an openness to let the other enter, because in that act, and without realizing it, that connection and consequent sharing of who we are is made.








Our training will not only be focused on the tools or dynamics that we use, nor on how we use them, but on the creation of a favorable FIELD so that this phenomenon can occur naturally, within which everything that is appropriate can be used, such as: dynamics, substances, dance, songs, words or various approaches.

It is training in the  CREATION, UPHOLDING AND INTEGRATION of a field of love and healing.

A field of transformation in which no one is coerced to do or achieve anything, but everyone can open themselves to the consideration of this natural and powerful phenomenon occurring.

The focus will be on the possibility that each student awakens a PRESENCE in themselves that allows the natural creation of a loving field.

In order for this presence to be activated, the student will need to free himself from ties, interference, shame, insecurity, distrust, that is, from his own conditioning that limits him and that then manifests itself as a negative projection through unconscious language, verbal communication and non-verbal, in gestures, etc.

Everything that may be hindering the creation of this FIELD, and the spontaneous phenomenon of SURRENDER, can be healed to FACILITATE the work carried out in our retreats.

Without that spiritual presence and the care of countless details on a human and emotional level, it is not possible to create a bond of love and trust between facilitators (therapists and integrators) and with the participants, but with that presence and that bond, it does not matter what can be done or proposed, because then the field itself is what will inspire and move the most authentic and profound part of each person towards


The new approach to our training is aimed at being:
simple and

sensitive and

humble and

to be able to be awake and balanced, occupying a place of impact on others but without seeking any protagonism.

The backbone of this essential learning is developed through verbal and non-verbal communication, spiritual presence and love in everything we do and for each person who comes to us.

Learn to create fields of healing and transformation from your own Being, where what the mind cannot control or prevent, can occur naturally.